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Get Involved

We are actively building a community of diagrammers! To get started, join the Penrose community now on discord and see what you can do to achieve the vision of democratizing diagramming and visual intuition.

What you can do

🌹 Make Diagrams

We are always excited to see diagrams made with Penrose! Share them in #gallery on Discord and we are happy to include them in our example gallery.

  • If you want to make diagrams using in existing domains, check out our tutorial and gallery to learn how to use them!
  • If you are making many diagrams in a new domain, refer to our docs to learn our toolings and open a PR in our repo so others can use your domain too!

🔭 Do Research

Our team consists of interdisciplinary researchers in programming languages, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, software engineering, and more!

  • If you are interested in collaborating with us on research, reach out to us on Discord and/or email us with a brief description of your background and interests in Penrose!
  • If you are an undergrad looking for summer opportunities, consider applying for the REUSE program.

💻 Contribute Code and Docs

We welcome contributions to our repository. Take a look at the contributor guide to get started!

  • Find out what's on the roadmap for our next release. We are looking for contributors to claim issues in the "Planned" category.
  • Help us improve our docs! We are planning to improve our tutorial and start documenting our gallery diagrams.

💞 Integrate with Tools

We'd love to hear how you'd like to integrate Penrose with your favorite tools! Here are some ongoing tool integration projects:

Join our Discord server and chat with us on #integration about integrating with external tools!

💬 Share Knowledge

We maintain a blog and a mailing list on Penrose and diagramming in general. We are happy to host your posts!

Released under the MIT License.