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Passthrough SVG

Penrose provides an 'escape hatch' for advanced users to specify SVG properties Penrose does not currently support.

Within any Style program, you may specify SVG properties directly as shape properties. The Style language does not allow dashes in property names. The current convention is to remove any dashes and make the next character after the dash uppercase. For example, SVG property color-interpolation is specified as colorInterpolation in Style. Likewise, SVG property color-interpolation-filters is specified as colorInterpolationFilters in Style.

You can find all SVG properties on W3C's SVG website.

Strict Typing

All passthrough values must either be a string or a numerical value, or an error will be reported and the diagram generation will fail.

For example,

myShape = Circle {
    colorInterpolation : true

generates the error

Passthrough shape property 1:6:myShape.colorInterpolation expects type StrV or FloatV and does not accept type BoolV.


  • Passthrough values are passed through as-is: Penrose does not optimize or consider their values. This means your passthrough property could interact unfavorably with (or violate) the constraints in your Style program. If you have problems with a rendered diagram, commenting out any SVG passthrough properties is a good troubleshooting step.
  • If Penrose is already writing to an SVG property, it wins: it will override the passthrough value.
  • You are responsible for ensuring the SVG property is allowed for the given shape type and that the property value is a valid SVG value.

Released under the MIT License.